Sugar Pop Provides a Sweet Time!

Are you familiar with a famous game that involves lots of different candies? That’s not a slot game of course, but this particular game provides a similar type of experience in the shape of a different slot game.

Sugar Pop takes a little getting used to, but it is well worth the effort, as you’ll soon see.

Reels and paylines – what should you expect to see?

There are 50 lines in play here, but instead of a 5x3 reel layout, there is a 5x5 reel layout.

What can you bet on Sugar Pop?

You can start from a two-cent bet per line, or you can go up as high as a dollar. You have to bet on all the lines, and you can choose from one to five coins to play on each line.

Does this slot have any specific symbols to look for?

There are different types of candies on the reels. You have to get three touching each other to get a win – more if you can. If you get a winning combination, those candies will pop. Regular game play also permits the chance for special candies to appear.

Super Color candies can appear if four matching candies of identical colors join together. This can multiply another win if it appears next. Five matching candies triggers a color bomb, which can potentially take out all the candies of that same color on the reels.

As you progress through different levels, you’ll see different symbols appearing too. Examples include a Candy Cane from level 10 onwards, and a Gumdrop from level 6 upwards. Each special candy has a special power.

Does it have a bonus level on a second screen?

No, but then, this game has lots of different levels involved. As you go through the levels you progress through the game and get new symbols to look out for. This means the game is constantly changing, which is very exciting.

Download and play Sugar Pop slots today!

This is very different from any slot game you will ever have played before. Fans of a certain other candy-related game will no doubt enjoy it, but even if you haven’t played that game before, this could soon become a firm favorite. Try playing Sugar Pop slots today to see whether you can trigger the right combinations to unlock some really big wins. Good luck and search for that candy!